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About CGP

“CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd is a Joint Venture Company focused on investing, owning and operating off-grid power infrastructure electrifying rural communities, new townships and industrial estates using advanced storage systems and smart financing to create world class solutions for clean, reliable and affordable electricity for our consumers, communities and host countries. The Company aims to develop a portfolio of electrification projects valued at over US$500 million within the next five years and is preparing to roll out projects for execution soon after the COVID19 travel bans are lifted.”

Impact Indicator



No. of Projects


No. of Consumers

14 km

Length of Network

2.6 MW

Total Installed Capacity

846.5 MWh

Total Energy Produced


% of Clean Energy in the Mix

659 t

CO2-Eq Savings

Who We Are

CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd is established by WEnergy Global Pte Ltd, TEPCO PowerGrid Corp. and ICMG Partners Pte Ltd.

WEnergy Global Pte. Ltd, a Singapore headquartered company that has taken on several public and private sector clean electrification projects in the region and a lead company known for pioneering in micro-grids in off-grid areas in ASEAN. The Company won several awards for the design, engineering, implementation and innovative financing of off-grid micro-grids powered by hybrid of solar PV and Diesel with the use of battery storage systems.

TEPCO PowerGrid Inc. (TEPCO-PG) through its subsidiary, Greenway Grid Global Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based company, aims to promote happiness and green growth in communities through tangible investments in micro-grid projects and other technology businesses. In particular TEPCO-PG brings in a fast track record of experience and knowledge in the area of power grid technology selection, design and engineering, operation and maintenance and overall business management.

ICMG Partners Pte. Ltd., a global investment firm with operations in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai and Silicon Valley, focused on achieving sustainable investment growth through intellectual capital management including the facilitation of corporate leadership development, corporate innovation and new business creation. In particular, ICMG continues to lead their large multinational corporate partners to venture into ASEAN through new business partnerships.

Board of Directors

Atem S Ramsundersingh

Founder/CEO and Board of Director, WEnergy Global

Our new partnership will combine WEnergy Global’s sustainable development knowledge and pioneer’s experiences with technology selection, financial planning and engineering and deployment in ASEAN with the best-of-breed operations knowledge and experience that the likes of TEPCO-PowerGrid already acumulated for over a century.

Takaki Ochi

General Manager, International Business, TEPCO-PG

TEPCO aims to continue being trusted as a leading company of the sustainable society by the value creation that places carbon neutral and disaster prevention as a core. We aim to deliver real clean, efficient and high-quality electricity with our latest technology and sufficient experience. It is my great honor to contribute to realize peaceful, comfortable and sustainable life in the world.

Isao Segawa

Director, ICMG Partners

We aim to utilize our deep expertise and knowledge in strategic investment and asset management to make an impact into Asia. By leveraging on the best intellectual capital, we aim to continuously engage with the top management of big corporations and governments to bring innovative energy solutions to the world.

Joint Operations Team

CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd is established by WEnergy Global Pte Ltd, TEPCO PowerGrid Corp. and ICMG Partners Pte Ltd.

CGP has entrusted WEG, TECPO-PG/GGG, and ICMG Partners to bundle the best of engineering and financial professionals in the Joint Operations Teams (JOTs). A JOT for Engineering Solutions and a JOT for Financial Modeling, both with facilitated leadership from WEG, are responsible for project development in all its aspects and stages i.e. from identification of sites to design, engineering, financial close, construction, testing and commissioning and operation and maintenance. Investments of CGP are assured by high quality technologies and smart financial structuring and deployment of capital such that electrification is affordable and reasonably priced.

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JOT Finance: